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Nutrition Has Never Tasted so Delicious!


Easy as 1, 2…


choose your base

Start by selecting one of our six varieties of protein Smoothie Base, either Greek‑Style yogurt protein or Whey protein.


Choose your Enhancer

Then, boost your beverage by adding the Smoothie Enhancer of your choice to help meet your nutritional needs. Also available in six varieties.


Mix in a shaker bottle

Mix in a shaker bottle with milk, milk alternative or water, sip & ENJOY!

Available in the Drink Mix Aisle at select Walmart locations.
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All flavors & benefits

Smoothie Bases:

Greek Style Yogurt protein (Honey, Strawberry, & Vanilla Bean)
Contains 5g of protein/serving
Whey protein (Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla)
Contains 10g of protein/serving

Smoothie Enhancers:

Multi-Vitamin (Pineapple Refresher)
Excellent source of 21 vitamins & minerals
Antioxidant (Green Tea w/ lemon)
Excellent source of Vitamins C & E
Fiber (Strawberry)
Excellent source of fiber (5g per serving)
Omega 3 (Chia Berry)
Excellent source of ALA (320mg/serving)
Hydration (Pineapple Coconut)
4 key electrolytes; 5 B vitamins
Protein (Salted Caramel)
Good source of protein (6g/serving)

No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives